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Welcome to Freshman Experience!

Welcome to Freshman Experience, a new website which will serve
as a meeting place for freshmen attending colleges across the country!
Meet people who will be living in your dorm in the fall, or talk to someone
attending a school you have always wanted to learn more about!
In addition to networking with other students, there will be informative articles
and reviews that are relevant to all freshmen. If you are going to be a freshman
this fall or a few years down the road... even if your freshman phase has passed...
everyone can share in the Freshman Experience

As we expand Freshman Experience, we would enjoy hearing what's on
your mind! Please click here and visit our message boards. You can comment
on the future of this website, or feel free to start a new discussion of your own.

Remember this website and check back often! We will be adding new features
and articles as quickly as we can create them!

We are now hosting online communities for over 1,000 colleges!
Click here to see a comprehensive list!

~The Freshman Experience Team

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